...the owner

Steve Peto started Taste of Chicago with the idea of bringing to the West some of the classic foods from Chicago's South Side. He moved out of Chicago in 1997, shortly after UIC shut down Maxwell Street. The Del Morroco Blues Club (famous for Howlin' Wolf as their weekly house act) on Lake and Halsted had closed and been demolished a year earlier and Oprah's TV studio had moved into the neighborhood. Chicago suddenly felt colder than ever before. So Steve left and during his travels he realized he could not find the foods that he loved back in Chi-town. That's when he started to cook them for himself and his friends, all the while dreaming of some day opening a Chicago-themed restaurant. It may have taken 15 years to get here, but in that time Steve has perfected the Chicago Menu!

...the menu

Most people think of deep-dish pizza when they think of Chicago food, but in reality most Chicagoans would rather have an Italian Beef Sandwich than a deep-dish pizza. So this is why Steve concentrates on what he likes to call the staple of the South-Siders Diet: Italian Beef Sandwiches; Gyros; Marinated Chicken Breast Sandwiches; Sliders; Pepper and Egg Sandwiches; and of course the Maxwell Street Favorites: Polish Sausage, Pork Chop Sandwiches and Hot Dogs. The one thing that has been removed from the typical Chicago menu are the french fries. Instead ToC offers a healthier choice of chips, garden salads, Hungarian puliska (polenta) and a variety of pasta salads. Taste of Chicago's menu consists of healthy, organic and/or all natural meats, as well as original Chicago hot dogs and Polish sausage. click here for the on-line menu

...the meats

Taste of Chicago does their best to keep the menu supplied from local farms and ranches to ensure freshness and quality. Our beef comes from locally raised grass fed cows. The Organic 100% beef hot dogs and sausages are supplied by the San Francisco company True Story. OR you can order an authentic Chicago VIENNA BEEF hot dog! Our chicken is free-range, USDA certified organic with no antibiotics or hormones. All natural pork are from hogs fed a 100% vegetarian diet, free roaming and never given hormones or antibiotics. We also serve certified Halal gyros.

...the sides

The side dishes are made from organic vegetables (when in season) and pastas that are made fresh every day. ToC changes the side dish daily, usually to complement my special for that day. It could be anything from fresh Tossed Garden Salad to Mushroom and Red Pepper Pasta Salad to Greek Cucumber Salad. Connect with Taste of Chicago on Twitter to find out todays side dish!

...the drinks

Coffee is supplied by Peet's Coffee and is 100% organic. We do sell the regular sodas in a can by Pepsi, but also offer all natural sodas by Izze and San Pelligrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage in a can.

...Organic Options

We use organic vegetables such as tomatoes, greens and peppers when in season and available. Along with the Authentic Chicago Premium Beef Steak Hot Dog (Vienna Beef©) we offer organic grass-fed all beef hot dogs and sausages from San Francisco based True Story. Just say "Make it organic!" when you order at no additional costs.


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